How do referrals work?

When somebody uses your link to access our website, he/she will get 0.25 coins which can be used to play roulette only. You will get 0.1 coins and 0.15 coins more in case he/she deposits items. D/R ratio is the depositors/referrals ratio, so the bigger it is the higher is the quality of your referrals.

What are the deposit restrictions?

Your Steam account needs to have a valid Steam Mobile Authenticator for at least 7 days in order to deposit/withdraw. For more information, please check the Knowledge Base article on the subject.

We don't tolerate abusing wrongfully priced items. Doing so will lead to an account restriction or a permanent ban.

Souvenirs, weapon cases, souvenir cases, expensive stickers, expensive collectibles or items newly added to the Steam economy are NOT accepted.

Minimum allowed price for a deposit is 0.1 coins.

How are items priced?

Items are priced using an API and specific PUBGBets modifiers that vary depending item rarity, popularity and sell volume.

Items Type Discount
Items under 10.00 coins 5%
Items under 5.00 coins 10%
Items under 1.00 coins 20%
Stickers, Music Kits, Graffiti and Pins 20%

The discounts affect both deposit and market so there are no fees. This is needed to prevent item trading.

What are the requirements for being able to chat?

To prevent spam, we require you to have a total of at least 10.00 coins deposited before being able to chat.

What are the chat rules?

Do NOT advertise (websites, youtube channels, etc), spam, spoil, insult others, share your referral code (you will have your account muted/locked for this). The chat should be English-only. Please address all issues regarding features, bugs, inquiries or any other problems to our support.

What do I need to do to be able to withdraw?

To be able to withdraw or to buy items from our market you need to bet at least 100% of your coverted value, to bet at least 100% of the amount of free coins redeemed and to have at least one deposit of any value. We need to do that to prevent our website being used as a trading platform.